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A brief history of the firm
California court reporters Lynden J. And Associates Inc. is a leading provider of court reporting, audio transcription, and translation services in the United States. We are located in Santa Ana, California just minutes away from the Civic Center and have been in business since 1987. In that time we have built a reputation for quality and service. At Lynden J. And Associates, we understand that service begins with an understanding of your organization’s unique needs, and ends with your unconditional satisfaction. We provide our clients with an effective combination of technology, service, and with the highest quality and most cost-effective pricing.

We started as a small court reporting/transcription company with just one employee and have since grown to be one of the country’s most prestigious and well-respected court reporting/transcription firms, with access hundreds of court reporters and transcribers.  We’re large enough to complete any size assignment and small enough to provide personal customer service.  We have deposition suites in Santa Ana, Long Beach, and San Diego.

Why court reporters for transcription?
In all candor, this is the area that Lynden J. And Associates excels and exceeds over our competition. Most transcription firms exclusively hire and train simple typists to complete their work.  Many are of these companies utilize transcribers from foreign countries.  Not so at Lynden J. And Associates. For the majority of our assignments we utilize the services of court reporters. Why court reporters? Court reporters spend many years in a specialized vocational school where they are focusing on one objective – creating accurate transcriptions. The English language is thoroughly studied. We are trained in legal and law enforcement terminology. Simply put, we are specialized trained listeners with a thorough expertise in English.

Also, remember that a court reporter is not “typing” at 70 or 80 words per minute. We are stenographically recording the audio file accurately at 225 words per minute. Most “typist” agencies will malign court reporters as being too expensive. It’s true, our price won’t be the lowest price you will find. Point in fact, however, is that we will not be that far off either.  Wouldn’t you agree the extra few cents for utilizing a court reporter is money well spent?  Not to mention the time you’ll save by not having to edit our work as you will no doubt have to do with “typists” agencies.   

We provide our clients with an effective combination of technology, service, and convenience for all your litigation needs with the highest quality and cost-effective pricing:


  • LiveNote real-time
  • Exhibits digitally scanned and hyperlinked in your electronic transcript
  • Online transcript/exhibit secured repository
  • Transcripts prepared with word index, spine printed case information, and exhibit tabs


  • Audio/video/CD transcription services
  • Legal videographers and court-certified interpreters
  • Spanish to English transcription


  • Deposition suites available throughout Southern California including Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County
  • Free shuttle from Los Angeles International Airport to conference suite
  • Access to qualified and experienced court reporters worldwide through our online deposition scheduling service

As technology takes the industry into the next century, the fact remains that it is still people that provide the service. By developing a strong base of reporters throughout the state, we have continued to build on our commitment to our clients - reliability and professionalism with a personal touch. Our reporters are highly trained, experienced professionals who take pride in their work.

We understand that you have a number of court reporting firms from which to choose. However, we believe that the individual attention that we are able to provide, coupled with our competitive pricing and knowledge of the latest advances, makes us uniquely qualified to satisfy all of your court reporting needs.

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